Brandy Smith is an elderly civilian in the Space Channel 5 series. She still likes to live things up, and not even evil, dance-based plots are going to get her down.

Space Channel 5Edit

Brandy Smith is just minding her own business when the Morolians up and hypnotize her into dancing. Aside from being shot at by a Dancing Beam, she seems okay when Ulala saves her.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Space Grandma

Favorite treat: Nuts

An energetic and playful grandmother, she likes to hang out with Space Hippies. Her daughter always worries about her.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

Brandy Smith's name is changed to "Space Granny" in the sequel. She's aboard the Space Symphony when the Rhythm Rogues invade, leaving her controllably grooving to the beat.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Was the singer/guitarist for the now-legendary space rockers, the “Scan-teens”. She is still in good health, and proves it with an occasional all-night dance with the local hippies.”