• PinkSquid5


    November 7, 2019 by PinkSquid5
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  • FabledArc

    Wow. Those miscellaneous pages are gone. So, just so you people don't have to go through a mess of strike throughs, here's a list of things still needed and on-going projects.

    • Space Channel 5 - Just a few others things to clear up. Extra Mode section needs a little more info on what else is new; the "Playstation 2 Versions" section is under control (I'm going through the proper channels to get the info needed to fill it); "Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack" needs to tell what differences are between it and the Dreamcast version; Trivia might be deleted if it isn't filled with something; and a gallery with screenshots (even beta ones).
    • Space Channel 5: Part 2 - Just a few others things to clear up. The "Playstation 2 Versions" section is un…

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  • FabledArc

    ...and it seems that there isn't much left now. Pictures (like for some Ordinary Folk who still don't have one because a pic couldn't be found), trivia, spellchecks, and such are still appreciated. This wikia is back on it's feet and all that's left is a few other pages, however, I don't know if I can even begin making these pages.

    Here are just a few things I've noticed that either have to be fixed up or created.

    • Space Channel 5 - That page needs to be rewritten to include only the first Space Channel 5 game. According to the Creative Commons License, we can rewrite (adapt) sections of that page BUT DO NOT remove the box stating where the info on the page originally came from. (If anyone ever gets admin status, please properly capitalize th…

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  • DancingPurge

    Wonderful job on the Wiki everyone! This is great so far!

    So about the Featured Article/Media, I was wondering how long we should wait before changing it?

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  • FabledArc

    Well now, isn't this nice? All of the main characters, villains, and Rhythm Robots now have a page. Even the Ballistic Groove Gun and special boss dimensions have articles. So what's next? Well aside from maintaining the wiki and adding trivia, pictures, doing spell checks, etc. there is still a little issue I would like to address. Actually, I want to talk about two issues: (1) the people and aliens Ulala meets and saves and (2) some other areas that have yet to be written up (yes, that means places like Space Park).

    Issue 1:

    First is the issue with the Earthlings, Dancelings, Musicians, Morolians, Special Characters, and Ordinary Folk. In both Space Channel 5 and it's sequel some of the same characters pop up. The problem is that they recei…

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  • FabledArc

    Things have been going well here at the Space Channel 5 wiki, but there is still a long way to go. For now, here's a list of the most important pages needed right now.

    • President Peace
    • Fuse
    • Evila (up)
    • Giant Evila (in progress)
    • Shadow (in progress)
    • Shadow Impostor
    • Morolian Boss (also known as Hoorg, but it's only mentioned in the first game)
    • Blank TV (up)
    • Pon Piriri (up)
    • Purge Hovercraft (up)
    • Purge the King (up)
    • Purge the Great
    • Purge Jr. (He doesn't have an in-game profile, but he does seem a little nastier than Purge. An Extra Mode villain, he still deserves a page)
    • Coco Tapioca
    • Morolina
    • Morolian Monroe

    After that, all of the top priorities will have been covered. Any pages on areas found in the SC5 Reports are also appreciated. Info on the Ballistic Groove…

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