The ratings!

Blank TV is a television robot that appears in Space Channel 5. After Ulala defeats Giant Evila, the bot’s head separates from the main body and lifts into the air. It spins around, revealing a screen with Chief Blank’s face on it. Blank goes on to reveal that the reason he brainwashed the Morolians, who in turn brainwashed the earth people, was for ratings. He activates the Blank Dimension, taking on four more television screens to fight Ulala.

The combination of Ulala’s dance energy and her chant support forces Blank TV to shift into a form vaguely resembling someone standing up. Linked together by many floating screens, the five original televisions plus two additional ones (all with Blank’s face on them) for a ‘body’ increase the intensity of the battle.

The Blank Dimension breaks though Blank TV is still standing. Together with her entourage, Ulala copies Blank’s commands. The mass of TVs begins to wobble, spurring Fuse to direct everyone to focus all of their energy on Channel 5’s antenna. Blank shouts out "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" which the crowd diligently returns. Blank TV's screens are scattered and the main one is sent soaring into deep space.

In-game ProfileEdit

“A robot that broadcasts a brainwashing program, controlled by Chief Blank. It appears to reside with Giant Evila, and can send signals to the ends of the galaxy, as it uses the frequency from Space Channel 5.”


  • Ulala's face in Blank TV's monitors will wink if she successfully shoots at the screens.