The Birdmen are dedicated bird followers in Space Channel 5 Part 2. There are five in all and they all seem very loyal to the Space Bird Mistress. Each Birdman has a number signifying who they are at the end of their names. All five Birdmen appear at Space Park's Fountain Square with the Space Bird Mistress and the Space Park Staff Workers. Ulala has to keep the beat to rescue them all.

Birdman 1Edit

Birdman1 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"The first of the Birdmen, guys who are weird about weird birds. Their high tech bino-culars can spot Magellanic Clouds (available at Galaxy Gifts and Gadgets)."

Birdman 2Edit

Birdman2 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"The second of the Birdmen, who are mad for birds like you’re mad for this game. With the help of his myriad of bird friends, he sometimes takes on the offenders of nature in battle."

Birdman 3Edit

Birdman3 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"The third of the up for it bird-lovers, whose binoculars hide his guise from morning to night. He even walks with them on, leading to embarrassing falls into ditches and ponds. Kookaw! Kookaw!"

Birdman 4Edit

Birdman4 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"The fourth of the cuckoo bird lovers. Actually a girl, but for reasons of her own she dresses like a boy. She’s so infatuated with birds she speaks to birds in her sleep."

Birdman 5Edit

Birdman5 0012

In-game ProfileEdit

"The fifth of the legendary bird fiends. Studied with inhuman intensity to take the arduous Birdman Exam. After passing with flying colours, became the latest addition to the Birdmen."