Biluba Boriskovsky is a space child in the Space Channel 5 series.

Space Channel 5Edit

Biluba is one of the victims hit by the Morolians' Dancing Beam during the alien dance invasion.

In-game ProfileEdit

“Nick name: Antenna

Favorite food: Chinese Wontons

He is a class leader and takes pride in his unusual hairstyles. He has a secret collection of trading cards of slatternly dames.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

Biluba Boriskovsky shows up again in the sequel under the name of "Class President Nervous". He's seen at Space Park during Report 2 along with Mr Joely about to melt inside some killer plants.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Fashion-conscious primary school class president. Spends unreasonably long hours in front of the mirror each morning tending his hair."