"Ready when you are!"

- Bello, along with Kell and Soon-Soon.

Bello (ベロ Bero) is a supporting character in Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! She is a young woman who joined the Space Pirate Broadcasters alongside Kell and Soon-Soon after graduating from Space Science University and is an elite in the Underground Pirate Broadcasting System.

Description Edit

Bello, according to the official website.

An academic elite who holds a degree from Space Science University.

In-Game Profile Edit

An academic elite who golds a degree from Space Science University. Though typically calm and collected, she behaves in a shockingly avant-garde fashion once every 143 hours---much to the confusion of everyone around her. Her hoccies include playing the drums, and her motto is, "When used logically, there is no greater tool than madness."

In-Game Profile (Bello - Helmet) Edit

A member of the Space Pirate Broadcasting Station, and part of the reporting team known as the "Jaguars." She is consistently clearheaded, possesses a remarkably sharp mind.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! Edit

She first appears along Kell and Soon-Soon during a cutscene before report 3, The Pirates Showdown, where Jaguar asks her and the other two if they are ready to investigate the case and they answer "ready when you are!".

At the beggining of report 3, Soon-Soon and the other two Jaguars will taunt Ulala and the twins, then fly away, after the main trio caughing up with them, the Jaguars and a group of Space Pirates will start shooting at Ulala and the twins, to avoid their attacks and counter, the main trio must copy the Jaguars moves, after that, all of the Space Pirates but Bello and the other two Jaguars will flee, then, they'll present themselves and start a dance battle, after defeating them, they are all surprised by Glitter's ship, which will abduct Ulala, Bello and her team.

Bello later appears again at report 4, The Final Report, where Glitter made her his hostage along with Ulala, Kell, Soon-Soon, PuddingTachibana and 88MAN, during the battle between the player and Glitter, Kell and her team will eventually encourage the player and assist them in the singing parts, she is later saved by Jaguar and the player then join forces with them to save Ulala and defeat Glitter, after the later being defeated, Bello and the rest of the heroes celebrate by dancing, later, the credit sequence will eventually cut to Bello and her team, who will form hand stack along the player.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the shortest member of the Jaguars.
  • Much like Jaguar, Bello and her group call UlalaLou and Kee "Channel 5".
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