Welcome to the Purge TV Show...

The Ballistic Groove Gun is a fearsome weapon made of many satellites created by Purge in Space Channel 5 Part 2. Located at Point Double X, it’s designed to make people forcibly dance on the pilot of the Purge TV Show. Once fired, all of Morodia dances for Purge. The Groove Gun slowly charges as Ulala dances against the young genius and once it has sucked enough dance energy out of the audience, Purge is able to activate Dance Dimension X and become Purge the Great.

Just before a fully charged Ballistic Groove Gun is about to fire, a revived Ulala takes on Purge the Great as Super Ulala. The charge is cut short during their dance battle and once Dance Dimension X is broken, Purge the Great is sucked inside the ballistic Groove Gun. It promptly transforms into one satellite aimed to shoot an enormous amount of dance energy at Ulala only to back-fire and got destroyed by Ulala and her posse.


  • The Ballistic Groove Gun is made of 7 antennas from the 7 known space broadcasting stations around the galaxy. It includes:
  • The Ballistic Groove Gun shares many simillarities with the Eclipse Canon, from the SEGA game Sonic Adventure 2:
    • Both are weapons which need 7 sources of energy. For the Eclipse Canon, the Seven Chaos Emeralds, and for the Ballistic Groove Gun, Seven Antennas.
    • Both are doing a "fire test" when the weapon is still incomplete (missing Chaos Emeralds/not fully charged) to see what the weapon is capable in term of power.
    • Both ultimaly fail when it comes to shoot the final blast.