The Asteroid Belt is a location in the Space Channel 5. It's open space and as the name suggests, it's a place full of asteroids.

Space Channel 5 Edit

Asteroid Belt first appears during the first section of the third report in the first Space Channel 5, where It gets leaked that the Morolian's base is hidden somewhere in the Asteroid Belt, leading Ulala, Pudding, Shinichiro Tachibana, 88MAN and the Space Pirates to go there to investigate, they all race against each other to find the base and get the scoop first.

During the level, Ulala must shoot at the asteroids to protect herself and in the other reporters to slow them down.


  • Many antennas, similar to the Channel-Moro 5 one in Part 2, can be seen at the surface of the Morolian secret base.
  • In Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! there's a very similar location called Meteorite Area.
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