Ambrosia DiFlibula is a space child in the Space Channel 5' series. She plays an instrument when Ulala saves her.

Space Channel 5Edit

Ambrosia DiFlibula appears in Report 4 as "Keyboard Grrrl". when Ulala rescues her from the Morolians, she plays her keyboard along with the background music.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Keyboard Grrrl

Favorite Key: B flat

With fingers like magic, she strokes those keys like no other. She has a penchant for singing in the rain, and enjoys herbal baths.”

Space Channel 5 Part 2Edit

In the sequel, Ambrosia is known as "Glockenspiel Primary Schooler". As the name suggests, she plays the glockenspiel once Ulala saves her in Report 2.

In-game ProfileEdit

"Formerly a child prodigy keyboardist. But one day she was suddenly inspired by the soothing sounds of the glockenspiel. She’s presently mastering the finer points of the ‘spiel."